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Recovering Data From Failed SSD

Degraded SSD recovered by R3

When picking a storage device for a laptop or PC do you go for:

  • 🏎 speed,
  • 🚚 capacity,
  • 🦾 vibration knock resistance,
  • 🔒 security
  • 🪐 longevity
  • 💰 price

or recoverability 😎

One of the main problems with data storage is not that they can fail or be damaged - it is that the backup is not done, fails or a cloud backup goes awol.

As the anticipated increase in SSD coming into the lab plays out there are some interesting findings.

SSD data recovery process

SSD coming in for recovery

  • 👉 Nearly Full
  • 👉 Very Degraded - Inaccessible
  • 👉 Many have backups
  • 👉 Few have had Firmware Updates

Often solutions lag months behind release of a revision.

Very few data recovery labs have the experience or resources to solve SSD Data Recovery problems.

Degraded SSD recovered by R3

What our customers say about us

A 1TB hard drive failure with many valued photographs led me to R3. Very impressed with their calm professional approach, rapid courier collection and excellent ongoing email updates with full data recovery. Price? Well, what price memories? Highly recommended.


What does a REAL data recovery lab look like?

How does a real data recovery lab look like

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