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Planning for disaster

Planning for disaster is a management task in itself. Many clients who use our services find themselves effectively managing their own disaster, especially if the data lost  is time sensitive or critical. As a data recovery lab R3 has built the capacity to handle almost any data disaster situation. What is not realised is how demanding the recovery of data can be. 

The skills, resources and hard working tenacity required to be a fully fledged data recovery operation takes significant investment. Using years of development and several hundreds thousand pounds of investment R3 Data Recovery have emerged as one of the best data recovery labs ever put together in the UK - and as one of the team and a Director I am continually refining the operation to deliver on the remit of giving the highest possible success rates at affordable cost. But many would not realise or know what a battle it has been. Creating over 20 careers and £1million+ operation with heavy investment requirements is not easy for any business. And all the more remarkable since we have effectively had to rebuild a data recovery hospital from scratch.

During the last months of 2016 and into 2017 we have in development more refinements which will help cement our enviable position as one of the best affordable DR labs ever built. What is interesting is how already pictures of our lab have been passed off  by others. This photo from within Security House was found on Twitter being used by a competitor. Be sure you don't make a mistake when looking for a Real data recovery lab with real DR engineers.

R3 Data Recovery has helped many consumers and businesses who are told their data was unrecoverable.

What our customers say about us

A 1TB hard drive failure with many valued photographs led me to R3. Very impressed with their calm professional approach, rapid courier collection and excellent ongoing email updates with full data recovery. Price? Well, what price memories? Highly recommended.


What does a REAL data recovery lab look like?

How does a real data recovery lab look like

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