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Great service. Picked up same day. Didn’t get my videos but got most of my photos. Thanks

Raj from United States


Samsung M2 980 PRO SSD stopped being recognised by the PC, after which the drive was sent to Fields Data Recovery, who told me the NAND chip has failed and that the SSD suffers from bad sectors due to corrupted files. Astonished by how unprofessionally this company handled my case, I requested them to return my drive so I could try elsewhere.

Samsung MZ-V8P2T0 V-NAND PCI 4.0 NVMe M2 2TB

I contact R3 following an issue with Bitlocker that had activated when my motherboard was replaced. Everybody I spoke to said there was little to no chance of recovering the data but R3 gave me a glimmer of hope. I dropped off all the hardware and waited in anticipation of some good news. a Few days after dropping everything off I received a call from Will telling me they had managed to access the data. Sure enough, everything was recovered and placed on a brand new SSD. Communication and service was excellent. I would have no hesitation in contacting them again should I be a wally and not back up my data. 5 stars!

Samsung Mz V8 P2 T0 V Nand Pci Nv Me Recovered

The increasing numbers of SSD coming in for recovery each month is not a "worrying" trend.

👉How do SSD fail ?
Mostly becoming slower to read and files / file system appears to be corrupt.
👉Why do SSD fail ?
Mostly Bad Sectors - out of hundreds of millions or even billions of sectors it only takes a few in the wrong area of the memory to prevent normal access.
👉Why are more coming in for recovery ?
Mostly because of high failure rates in a shorter time frame than hard drives under the same workload.
👉Why is it not a "Worrying Trend"
It is to be expected as the transition from HDD to SSD in the last few years has increased.
The worrying trend is that too many believed their SSD to be more reliable and do not have a backup.
👉 Why are SSD as expensive or even much more expensive to recover ?
Basically equipment cost and time relative to amount of data. Failed SSD can take much longer to recover bad sectors / unreadable blocks, it takes specialist equipment with a capital expenditure cost of around 50% more than equivalent HDD equipment that can produce up to four times the revenue per engineer time allocation.

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