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Plextor NAS & SSD Data Recovery

Professional Data Recovery Services For Plextor NAS Storage Devices and Solid State Drives

Like any other data handling product, recovery services go hand-in-hand. The case is no different for Plextor NAS devices. Plextor NAS data recovery follows to assist you in understanding what leads to failure and data loss. More importantly, we will explores some of the ways to recover data. Many people's livelihoods may depend on it, so it is not only important but financially worth it.

Plextor has long offered data storage focused almost exclusively on optical media. More recently they have added in SSD and even NAS devices for the home computer user and for small office use. Plextor's NAS devices have been well received that provide easy access to much-needed network-based storage. The benefit for home and small office users is the low capacities that reach up to 2TB for the NAS2 model.

The Plextor Data Recovery Processes

Every NAS is different and therefore the cost to bring each back to health will differ. Being so different also points to having different solutions as well. There are many factors involved in identifying the source of data loss and remedying the situation. Even the simpler NAS may experience data loss in many more ways than most users could fathom. There are hundreds of potential ways that even the simplest of NAS lose their data. This means that there are as many ways to get through the recovery process.

The recovery service must evaluate the Plextor NAS prior to starting the process to restore data. That usually means backing up the data you do have, and sending in the drive for evaluation and assessment in a lab by an engineer prior to performing the data recovery process.

Your Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is an essential element of your network. It stores crucial data for your users, and a failure can drastically affect the way your organization operates. Call us today at 0800 999 3282 to get started.

The good news is Plextor is typically small, which makes sending the devices to the lab easy. Once the data recovery engineers have evaluated the drive or drives they can quote a binding price and an estimate of how long it will take to recover the data. Once the quote is given the go-ahead, then the recovery engineers can begin their work.

Whenever working with a recovery service, they must maintain clean, class 3 labs. Only there can or should a drive be repaired. While in the lab, the engineers can use different techniques to recover data. It is a highly specialized field that requires years of handling of related equipment.

When they get the drive operational again, then they clone it to ensure that during recovery they do not lose anymore data. They clear up the corruption, which is one very common feature of drives that have lost data, and clear up other issues. They do the clearing up on the clone first to ensure the data that are left are maintained to prevent more damage and data loss.

The data may be recovered at a bit level if necessary. The data recovery engineer must thoroughly examine the data they transferred before sending the drive back to the customers.

Self-assured, well-trained, experienced, and confident data recovery companies will provide a guarantee on their work. Often, if they agree to take on the task of recovering information then they will take on responsibility and even fiscal liability if they cannot recover the information. Look into such companies because the reason that they can offer such a guarantee is because they are quite successful at reclaiming and recovering information. If they were not, they would be out of business for having paid out on their guarantee a long time ago.

Give us a call at 0800 999 3282 for more information regarding our NAS data recovery services or to get an evaluation set up for your Plextor system.

Plextor NAS Device Data Loss: The Signs

Plextor NAS has two hard drives set to a RAID 0 config. While it sounds promising to have two drives, that is not how it works. When one drive goes then all data for the NAS is not accessible. Usually, hard drive failure is to blame for data loss with Plextor.

Like it has already been stated, there are many different reasons for data loss. But, very common symptoms are when it starts making noises when the heads or spindles clip into other hard drive components. The resulting clicking or whirring is disconcerting, but even more so when you know the cause. If it starts making noise, shut down the drive immediately until you have talked to a data recovery specialist.

Another common cause that requires recovery is electrical damage. While it is a scary state to see the NAS devices not making any noise, they are recoverable in more than 95 percent of the time. Get the Plextor’s NAS utility. It can be downloaded from Plextor, It will provide error messages and warnings to tip you off to hard drive failures.

Plextor NAS appliances are excellent, reliable, but do not have redundancy built in that prevent data loss. It is your obligation to back this system up regularly. It is the best way to prevent data loss. Make sure it is plugged into a top-quality and working surge-protected electrical source at all times. If the Plextor NAS fails, do not attempt re-booting it.

Plextor makes a good NAS, though it definitely needs to be regularly backed up. It is useful for home or small office use but requires the users to be aware. Listen to it, or notice any changes in how it is functioning. This is one way to notice problems, contact a data recovery specialist service and get it repaired to prevent permanent data loss.


If your Plextor NAS device fails, contact our team of experts at 0800 999 3282 for immediate help and assistance.

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I am the Editor of a magazine and suffered a hard drive failure on the week before deadline. Andy from R3 took the matter seriously from the moment I rang and within a few hours the drive had been collected from my home, and was being worked on. Throughout the process I was informed almost hourly as to the progress, and reassured that most of the data could be recovered. Literally 36 hours later I had all of the data recovered and delivered to my office on a new hard drive. I have honestly never received better customer service. I would recommend anyone in this dire situation to ring R3. You will be in very safe hands.

Jordan Royce

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